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I Will Steal Your Heart by Animaidens
I Will Steal Your Heart

Chi of :iconanimaidens: as England/Igirisu/Arthur Kirkland
Photo by JM Cruz


This is my second attempt on cosplaying Captain Arthur Kirkland. This time, I reused Prussia's hat and sword, also Kaneki's leather eye patch. The location of the shoot is also different. Last time was in Subic and this one was taken in Versailles Palace, Alabang. Both are lovely places! I really feel lucky that my photographer friends (especially Sir Eric) invite me to such nice locations.

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Shhhh by Animaidens

Chi of :iconanimaidens: as Ken Kaneki
Photo by Jho
Edited by both of us


AHHHHHHH HAPPY HALLOWEEN! well I'm a little advanced but whatever XDD  I am so sooo happy that my partner, Touka-chan, and I managed to squeeze in this shoot despite my hectic schedule. This is one of the best shoots I have had this year because...fandom. hahaha And if you guys are wondering, I used red poster paint for the blood effect.



We are proud Filipino cosplayers, (trad & digital) artists, and novice writers.

Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: JK-POP, JROCK. alt rock
Favourite photographer: Alej Uy
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Olah! Chi here~ It's been months since our last deviant entry. I though of summarizing the past events with photos because...I seriously don't know what to say. haha ((pls bear with my selfies))

To start off...SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN BTS and WIPS (woot! woot!)

So I did Armin and Rivaille from this series. I'm planning to do Hanji and Jean as well. I'm just waiting for my heeled boots. (We can't have a chibi Jean now, can we?)

 photo 2013-07-25-22-04-21_deco.jpg photo 2013-07-22-16-45-23_deco.jpg
My SnK jacket and BDSM strap harness

 photo 2013-07-28-19-16-02_deco.jpg
Together with Commander Fabulous Smith and our photographer, Kevin Shu

 photo 2013-09-21-21-34-43_deco.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20130921211339_save.jpg photo 2013-09-21-21-40-26_deco.jpg
Second time I get to do Armin in a shoot with other SnK cosplayers

 photo 2013-08-04-19-26-08_deco.jpg photo 2013-08-04-19-21-48_deco.jpg
And now Heichou with :iconrinrie: as Hanji/Sasha (power of megane haha)

 photo 2013-09-07-21-23-38_deco.jpg
lol I also thought of experimenting. genderbend Sasha and Hanji XPP

CONS CONS CONS...I actually went to a couple of cons during the past months.

 photo 2013-08-17-22-52-01_deco.jpg
OTAKU EXPO RELOAD Day 1. I did Rin Matsuoka from FREE!

 photo 2013-08-18-19-22-21_deco.jpg photo 2013-08-18-20-06-20_deco.jpg
OTAKU EXPO RELOAD Day 2. I went as Toma with Vina as my Heroine

 photo BeautyPlus_20130824202648_save.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20130824202433_save.jpg
FANTASY QUEST Day 1. We did Arrest Rose - me as Kaito and Vina as Len

 photo BeautyPlus_20130826004721_save.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20130826004303_save.jpg
FANTASY QUEST III Day 2. Cosplayed Judal with :iconhappy-hario: as Sinbad and Vina as Kogyouko

 photo 2013-09-15-00-26-06_deco.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20130914234820_save.jpg
Best of Anime 2013 Day 1. I cosplayed Naegi Makoto with my Dangan Ronpa group

 photo BeautyPlus_20130915195146_save.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20130915194654_save.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20130915194749_save.jpg
Best of Anime Day 2. I did Rin's maid version (from the drama cd). with :iconlunaru: as Gou, :iconhana181: as Rin (jersey ver), :iconshizayaxnatsyo: as Jean

 photo BeautyPlus_20131006013555_save.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20131006012941_save.jpg
COSMANIA Day 1. Finally cosplayed Rivaille in a con (I'll never wear 3DMG during a cosplay event. It's such a hassle =.=)

 photo 2013-10-07-00-25-57_deco.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20131007000027_save.jpg photo BeautyPlus_20131007001037_save.jpg
COSMANIA Day 2. I went as Igiko with my sister as Fem!Prussia


Sighs...I still have a lot of costumes here that needs to be shoot oTL|||

For now, I'll stop here. I don't know when I'll update our journal again but...prolly for another couple of months. haha ~"~


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ohmygod thank you >////< we really appreciate it when other people love our work. we feel like our effort has been acknowledged. so thank you very much!
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