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Subtitute by Animaidens Subtitute by Animaidens
"If possible, I don't want to see your face ever again." Judal clenches his jaw as he recalls Sinbad's words the last time they met. A dark expression on his face, the Magi of Kou Empire rides on his flying carpet. To Sindra.

The dark-haired man sneaks in a magnificent-looking room. He creeps to the bed, ready to pounce, when he notices the absence of the owner. Frowning, he wonders where has that stupid King has gone to. Exiting the room, Judal inspects the other rooms one-by-one, finding not a single man in the palace. Almost giving up, he hears a noise coming from a room in a corner. "Finally!" he yells in his head.

Judal unceremoniously slams the door open with his foot, uncaring if he's found by enemies. He is that impatient to see what his looking for. That man. However, what stumbles on his feet is a white-haired man he vaguely remembers. A frown made its way to his handsome face. "OI!" he begins, grabbing the unknown man by the hair. "Where's Sinbad? Answer me before I mutilate your body!"

Sharrkan, with a massive hang over, grumbles in his sleep. He wants water. Badly. "That damn Masrur! How could he reject me that easily? Saying his loyalty only lies with Sinbad." He catches his foot in one of the cups, falling miserably on the ground. "Agh... I'm not asking for your loyalty, stupid. I only want your love." He readies to get up when the door suddenly opens loudly.

Being yanked suddenly, getting yelled at and to top it off, hearing Sinbad's name, the swordsman has finally snapped and grabbed the owner of that hand. He forcefully throws the intruder onto the bed. "Sinbad? Heh..." He sneers, looking at the person pinned under him. This is...! He smirks. "Aren't you that Magi who's chasing after our King?" He inches forward, their nose almost touching. "Did you come to seduce him?"

Red eyes glare with anger at the man. How dare he humiliates him like this. Does he not recognize him? Judal raises his legs to kick the man on the shin but, unsurprisingly, the swordsman manages to dodge. At least he's out of his grasp now. His arms hurt a little from the white-haired man's tight grip. "Who are you, bastard?"

"..." There's a brief pause. "Sharrkan. One of King Sinbad's generals. The best swordsman of Sindra."

"Heh! You're a mere general and you dare attack me?" His eyes flare as he begins to gather dark Rukh to show him that he is not someone you can easily mess with. "I'm going to make sure you'll never see the light of the day again, sword freak!"

"Hey, didn't you come here for our King?" Sharrkan asks, unfazed by Judal's dark rising aura. "However, no one is here right now. Except me."

Knotting his eyebrows, Judal hisses. "So what?"

Sharrkan smirks, his eyes glint with mischief. "Why don't you try me instead?"

The magi is completely taken aback. This guy must have lost a screw or two in his head, Judal supposes. However, seeing as there's nothing to lose from sleeping with this man -- Sharrkan, then there's nothing wrong. Besides, he can just end his life if the sex is bad, he reasons.

"Alright then." He says while he crawls towards the swordsman. He stops before him, a mere inch separating their faces. "Shall we start with a kiss?"



Chi of :iconanimaidens: as Judal
:iconbana2xsan: as Sharrkan
Photo by :iconlmkusanagi:
Edited by Chi

Please don't kill me? LOL... I'm a SinJu fan and that's my OTP. But our King was unable to join our shoot so... yeah. I'M SOOOOORRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!

And yes, I made up that story on top of my head again. It's been months since I uploaded a cosplay with story. I guess I'm on a roll tonight. :D Besides, I was so happy when Sharrkan :iconbana2xsan: asked me if we could do yaoi pose despite the lack of time (they have other businesses to attend to).

About the shoot... I'm glad we're able to push through with it. I thought it's only gonna be Judal and Aladdin but Alibaba :iconmikiikun: and Sharrkan thankfully joined us. ^^ Oh the shoot took place in my home. In my room to be precise. I set up the 'draperies' (which are random cheap fabrics I bought in Divisoria) and the photogs, Kat and :iconlmkusanagi:, arranged the other decors since I had to do my make-up.

To tell the truth, my whole body hurts after this. Q_Q (Since I also had a KuroBasuGay shoot the previous day.) So I only managed to edit some photos now. I hope you guys like this~ ^^

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